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Dr. Al House

Raised on a farm near Fingal, Ontario, Dr. House has been around farm and companion animals all of his life. At the age of twelve, he joined a 4-H Club and by the age of thirteen, he knew that he wanted to be a veterinarian. He graduated from Southwold Public School and Parkside Collegiate Institute before entering the University of Guelph. In 1983, Dr. House graduated from the Ontario Veterinary College. In his final year, he won the Ayerst Award in Preventative Medicine.

Dr. House and his wife, Jane Ann, an Educational Therapist, have two grown children, Jeff (commercial real estate) and Janna (Chiropractic Medical student). Oakley, a yellow Labrador, and Mindy, a grey and white cat, round out their family.


Veterinary Diets vs Store Bought Diets

Exactly why is Vet food so much more money? And why would I spend that when I can get the same food at the grocery store? Am I getting ripped off?! At $60+ a bag, yes, you would think that you might be getting taken to the cleaners on dog or cat food. Let me de-mystify the cost versus quality question.

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