Registered Veterinary Technician

Tania graduated from St. Lawrence College Veterinary Technology program in 1997. She started working as an RVT on the research side of things. 15 years in the Kidney Transplantation program and another five in brain research. She absolutely loves anesthesia and being part of any surgical procedures. She joined Elgin just over a year ago and loves every moment of it. Being able to use her skills as a technologist whether it's in blood collections, microscopy, lab procedures or caring for post surgical pets, she enjoys the challenges that each brings.

She has two amazing children that are studying Sciences and soon to be forensics. The rest of her family consists of two dogs (Kodiak, who you will see lounging around the hospital on any given day), Mogwai, a handful of cats and a rabbit.....oh and also an incredible husband.


Veterinary Diets vs Store Bought Diets

Exactly why is Vet food so much more money? And why would I spend that when I can get the same food at the grocery store? Am I getting ripped off?! At $60+ a bag, yes, you would think that you might be getting taken to the cleaners on dog or cat food. Let me de-mystify the cost versus quality question.

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Last updated: June 21, 2022.

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