Arthritis and Your Pet

Does your pet seem stiff or sore, especially after they have been resting?

Has your pet’s mood and/or activity level changed? If so, your pet could be suffering from arthritis. We tend to dismiss signs of arthritis as “getting older,” and early symptoms can be missed. Your pet could have chronic pain.

Arthritis is chronic inflammation in one or more of your pet’s joints. It is the most common cause of chronic pain we see in our pets. Arthritis can be caused by several different issues including infection, a previous injury, being overweight, or genetic disorders.

Signs to look for:

  • Limping or favouring a leg
  • Difficulty sitting or standing
  • Weight Gain or weight loss
  • Less Activity
  • Having a hard time using stairs or jumping
  • Behaviour changes like hiding, aggressiveness, less affectionate

How we treat a patient with arthritis will depend on the cause and severity of the disease. Treatments can range from diet change and supplements to pain medications and therapeutic laser sessions. Never give an animal medication designed for human use without talking to your veterinarian!

If you think your furry friend may be suffering from arthritis, phone us today and set up an appointment to have them assessed. We will then discuss with you which treatment options will work best for your pet.

Written by: Talbot Animal Clinic