The Importance of Bloodwork

When our pets are sick, we rely on their behaviour to tell us something is wrong.

Unfortunately, oftentimes our pets don’t act differently, or we miss small changes and illness becomes quite advanced before we see the signs. Regular visits to your vet and blood testing allows us to detect problems early and treat as soon as possible. So when should your pet have blood work done?

At your Annual Wellness Visit

Remember, it’s in your pet’s nature to hide illness. In the wild, sick animals don’t survive. Most animals won’t show they’re sick until it is advanced enough that they can’t hide it anymore. Blood work will catch problems early and maximize chances of success.

When Your Pet is Sick / Emergencies

Blood work will tell us exactly what is going on and allows us to make immediate decisions to help your pet. It also helps us determine medications and therapies to maximize your pet’s chances of recovery.

Before Surgery

Blood work should be done before any animal undergoes a procedure requiring anesthesia. This allows us to determine if anesthesia is safe for your pet and if we need to take any special precautions during the procedure.

If Your Pet is on Medication Long Term

Pets on medication should have regular blood work done to make sure the levels of medication in their bodies are safe. It also allows us to watch for any side effects or potential problems. Over time some pets will require dosage changes, and blood work allows us to make these changes as needed.

If your pet falls into any of the above categories, call us and make an appointment to talk about how regular blood screening can help your pet.

Written by: Talbot Animal Clinic